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The automotive industry is going through a rapid transformation. The future of smart mobility is Shared, Electric and Autonomous. EVEH is India’s first smart mobility platform which connects all the dots in the sustainable and shared mobility industry. EVEH is a marketplace for Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations. Its easy to Lease an Electric Vehicle of your choice, Charge your Electric Vehicle anywhere you go and Rent your Electric Vehicle on the EVEH smart mobility platform.

By 2040, a substantial portion of people in the evolving smart cities of India will have switched from their privately owned internal combustion engine vehicles to Sustainable, Smart and Shared Electric Vehicles. India’s vision is all new vehicles to be 100% Electric by the 100th year of India’s Independence. EVEH will lead the transition to the future of smart mobility in India.

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With EVEH’s completely electric, emission free, affordable, smart, efficient car – say no to owning a car. Why own when you can simply EVEH

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EVEH is India’s first all electric platform for smart – sustainable and shared – intelligent mobility. Together we can accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation. We aim to provide the best of electric vehicle technology to improve the quality of life in our cities.

Let’s redefine transportation together.

Automobile Industry is on the verge of huge disruption and key future trends in the automobile industry are – Transition of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles to Electric Vehicles, Transition from Ownership Model to Shared Mobility Model, Transition from Heavy Materials to Light Materials in vehicles, Transition from Driven to Autonomous Vehicles and Transition from Automatic Mobility to Smart Mobility.
Smart, Sustainable and Shared Mobility will transform the way we live, commute and interact with each other. EVEH is adopting to this Imminent Change and Creating India’s largest Sustainable – Affordable – Shared – Connected Electric Mobility Co.

Enjoy the best driving technology in the world.

The cars as we know them today are being converted into smart electric devices by the global automobile giants like Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, BYD, Mahindra, Volvo, Volkswagen and others. The Electric Vehicles can be seamlessly connected to your digital devices - mobile phones, tablets, laptops to monitor the performance, battery consumption and storage, charging requirement and maintenance. Several leading tech companies like Apple, Google, Samsung are entering in the space of smart, connected and autonomous mobility. With the falling lithium battery prices, volatile global oil prices, increasing global pollution and its catastrophic affects on climate change, production of smarter and efficient electric vehicles - now almost 80% of the global auto market is pushing towards phasing out of petroleum and diesel cars and adoption of electric vehicles. The Global Tipping Point for Electric vehicles is 2018.



Raising $25 Mln, launch in Mumbai and Delhi


Will raise $100Mln and continue to expand in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai


Raising $400 Mln, launch across all major cities in India


EVEH’s shared smart connected electric mobility platform will have 1Mln electric vehicles by 2030

EVEH Roadmap

The Future of Smart Mobility
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Electric Mobility Experience by using EVEH

Smart, Sustainable and Shared Mobility will transform the way we live, commute and interact with each other. EVEH is adopting to this imminent change and is creating the world’s largest Sustainable – Affordable – Shared – Connected – Electric Mobility Co.
The business model is shifting from vehicle ownership to shared vehicle economy. EVEH aims to utilize the optimal potential of electric vehicles and solve the increasing traffic problems.

Carbon Emissions Reduction by


Energy Demand Reduction by


India's Electric Future

NITI Aayog’s transformative mobility report of 2017 has set out a desirable and ambitious roadmap for pure electric vehicles, wherein, it is said that if India adopts a transformative solution of shared-connected-electric mobility, 100% public transport vehicles and 40% of private vehicles can become all electric by 2030. The Government’s drive for faster adoption of electric vehicles is imminent. India will become the world’s largest car market by 2025, with 7.4 million vehicles. Air pollution is a huge problem in India – more than a million people die each year as result of breathing in toxic fumes. Govt of India is taking serious steps to improve India’s air quality with Delhi Govt. imposing the odd-even rule. A switch to pure electric vehicles will have much greater environmental impact as it will reduce carbon emissions by 37% and reduce energy demand by 64% by 2030. India is the world’s 3rd largest oil importer shelling out $150 billion annually. A switch to electric vehicles will save the country $60 billion annually in energy costs by 2030.

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