Join the electric transportation movement.

About EVEH

The automotive industry is going through a rapid transformation. The future of smart mobility is Shared, Electric and Autonomous. EVEH is India’s First Smart Mobility Platform which connects all the dots in the Sustainable and Shared Mobility industry. EVEH is a marketplace for Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations. It’s easy to Lease an Electric Vehicle of your choice, Charge your Electric Vehicle anywhere you go and Rent your Electric Vehicle on the EVEH smart mobility platform.

We are shaping the future of smart mobility.

Future is ELECTRIC

2022 EVEH aims to roll out a fleet of 25,000 Electric Vehicles and 1,000 Charging Stations by 2022. EVEH’s shared smart mobility platform will become the world’s biggest electric vehicle sharing platform. EVEH will start operations in July 2018 in the cities of Mumbai and Delhi with 100 Electric Vehicles and plans to scale to 2,500 Electric Vehicles by 2019. EVEH’s shared and connected smart mobility platform will improve air quality, decongest roads and will reduce transportation costs. EVEH will bring on board best in class and highly efficient Electric Vehicles from global automobile giants – Tesla, Ford, Mahindra, BYD, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Tata, Maruti, Honda, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Renault, Toyota, Jaguar, Kia, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Chevrolet.

All Electric

2018 is set to be the year the world fully embraces Electric Vehicles. EVEH will accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation. India wants all new vehicles on road to be electric by 2030. The automotive industry is on the verge of disruption due to outcomes of four key technology driven trends of electric mobility, shared mobility, connected mobility and autonomous mobility. India is adopting an advanced mobility future which is affordable, clean, safe, accessible and leap – frogging the traditional mobility paradigm.

Meet EVEH’s all electric team

Punit K Goyal

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Punit is passionate about Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Transportation. In his previous entrepreneurial ventures, Punit has invested $100Mln in the last 10 years in Clean Energy. Punit manufactured and exported 72 MW of Solar Panels to Europe between 2008 to 2012, set up India’s 1st 20 MW solar power plant in 2012 and created a renewable energy portfolio of 230 MW in 2016. Punit has contributed in Generating 180Mln units of clean energy annually, Powering 100,000 households annually and Reducing 140MT of carbon emissions annually. Punit has been awarded “40 under 40 Top Business Leaders” in the Clean Energy Industry, India’s 100 Most Powerful Leaders in the Solar Energy Industry and has been felicitated by Govt. of Gujarat for meeting the “Challenges of Climate Change”. Punit is an alumnus of London School of Economics (Public Finance ‘06), Aston Business School (Int’l Business ‘07), Harvard Business School (Marketing Strategy ‘09, Program for Leadership Development ‘10).

Kiran M Patil

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Kiran has 25+ years of experience in manufacturing, project management, consulting and renewable energy sector. In his previous entrepreneurial venture, he developed a clean energy pipeline of 230 MWs. Prior to that Kiran worked with Ecolutions India (Managing Director and Country Head), a German renewable energy fund. He was also a key member of the global investment team. He headed the fund-raising activity, equity investments, equity and carbon advisory and carbon trading. Kiran also developed 100 MW utility scale and distributed solar facilities for over 400+industrial customers and has experience in development and fund raising for 45 MW Wind, 30 MW Biomass and 25 MW Hydro projects. Kiran was awarded ”50 thought leaders from renewable energy Sector” in Year 2015. Kiran in an alumnus of Asian Institute of Management (Manilla), I.C.W.A, B.E. (Chemical), and LLB.

The Future

Get ready to drive into the future

Smart, Sustainable and Shared Mobility will transform the way we live, commute and interact with each other. EVEH is adopting to this imminent change and is creating the world’s largest Sustainable – Affordable – Shared – Connected – Electric Mobility Co. The business model is shifting from vehicle ownership to shared vehicle economy. EVEH aims to utilize the optimal potential of electric vehicles and solve the increasing traffic problems.

Electric Mobility

2018 is the global tipping point for electric mobility as automobile giants have planned to invest $90Bln in electric vehicles.

Reshaping the Future

India aims to add 20 million Electric Vehicles by 2030. EVEH’s shared smart electric mobility platform will lease 1 million electric vehicles by 2025.